If Your Back Hurts, It’s Because You Don’t Have A Leesa Mattress

Choosing the right bed for lower and upper chronic back pain is crucial. But with the variety of options on the market, it can become confusing on what type of mattress will best match up to your needs. If you suffer from back pain the Leesa Mattress might just be the best choice to alleviate your pain.

About Leesa

The Leesa brand has been rated as a top choice when it comes to mattresses with an impressive firmness score of six out of ten. One of the stands out features about this brand is the specialized top-layer which consists of an Avena foam, which happens to be the proprietary for this company.

This foam is similar to latex in some ways, yet it is much more durable and sustainable. One of the reasons that you would want to choose this mattress when you suffer from back pain is due to the combination of its support, pressure relief and responsiveness along with outstanding comfort. We learned this by reading some reviews from any mattress review blog. These features are just about everything that you would want in association to a mattress designed for your bad back. The Leesa mattresses are also an affordable solution that offers superior quality along with value.

The Advantages:

  • Outstanding quality at an affordable price
  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • Ideal body contouring
  • Enhanced coolness which comes from the Avena Foam

The Drawbacks

  • This mattress might make mot offer as much support for people that are overweight

The Leesa mattress is a design from their master mattress craftsman along with the co-founder. Almost 3 decades in this industry, he has concluded that choosing a “feel” is regarded as “old school”. The modern mattresses of today combine a core base that is solid, memory foam that offers pressure relief and the Avena foam that offers bounce and airflow. This combination of features adapts to the way you sleep and your body weight. What this means for you is that if you prefer to sleep on your own or next to your partner, the Leesa mattress will always feel exactly the way that you like.

On a variety of the reliable review sites, just about all the side-by-side reviews have concluded that Leesa is one of the preferred mattresses to avoid back pain. One of the top consumer-rating publications in the U.S, has rated Leesa as higher when compared to many of the other e-commerce mattresses. With more than 2,000 five-star ratings and reviews, it is not hard to see that Leesa is one of the latest standards when it comes to better sleep along with a budget-friendly price.

What Makes Leesa So Special?

Leesa, has combined 3 foam layers of high performance which have resulted in the ideal balance of pressure relief, cooling comfort and body contouring. The Avena foam-top layer is convoluted and perforated to offer airflow and a delicate balance of sink and cushiony bounce. Leesa also offers a seamless and beautiful polyester 4-stripe blended cover that looks and feels so great you won’t even want a sheet.


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