How to deactivate Instagram account

Instagram is an extremely engaging social medium. Once you throw yourself into the vortex of colorful photographs, perfect frames, hearts and Instagram Stories, you can drown in it very quickly and disappear for good. You want to disappear from Instagram – for a while or forever – but you don’t know how to do it? Step by step we will guide you through the process of deactivating and deleting your Instagram account.

Do you think removing the application from all your devices will do the trick? Unfortunately, this is not so simple. Getting rid of the application consists only in uninstalling it and is not synonymous with suspending or deleting your Instagram account. To do this effectively, specific steps must be taken. 

Temporarily disable Instagram account

If you feel overwhelmed by the enormity of content that this social medium serves or you lack the inspiration to create interesting posts, then the best move in this situation will be deactivating your Instagram account. This option will also work if you have a brand account that has to stop operating for various reasons

To deactivate our Instagram account, log in, then click on our profile icon, and then select “Edit profile”. Then click “Temporarily disable account”. In this case, we must also provide the reason for disabling the account and the password. You can restore your account by logging in to it again.
Warning! The account can be turned off only once a week – there is no cheating and viewing the latest stories!

instagram delete

How to delete your account permanently

Deleting your Instagram account is final – all your likes, private conversations, comments and photos disappear. There is no turning back, and if after some time you dream of returning to this application, you will not be able to exist on it under the same nickname. Where can this result from? It may be because if your account is deleted as a result of identity theft, no one will be able to impersonate you in the future.

How do I delete an Instagram account? The answer is very simple. Log in to your account in the browser on your computer. Then click “Delete your account”. Instagram will welcome us with information that he is sorry that you have decided to leave his ranks and proposes that if you want to take a break, you can temporarily disable your account on this platform – also by providing a link. However, before Instagram deletes our account, you must also select the reason for leaving it. The list includes justifications such as “I can’t find people to watch”, “I don’t have time / it distracts me too much”, “Privacy concerns”, “Too many ads” or ordinary and telling a lot – “I want to delete something”. After selecting the reason and entering the password again, the account will be permanently deleted.

You cannot delete or deactivate an Instagram account from the application. All changes of this type must be entered through the browser.


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