How to contact Facebook

If Facebook does not work (e.g. has crashed) and you cannot connect to it (call the page in your browser), contact with FB support may be difficult. In the text below you will find tips on how to contact Facebook employees when the portal is available on the Internet.

Can you call Facebook

Usually, entrepreneurs ensure that their website always contains at least an e-mail address or mobile number. Thanks to this, customers can quickly and easily get all the information they need.

Does this mean, however, that if we need Facebook Contact, nothing can be done and our questions will remain completely unanswered? Don’t worry, there are some options to get in touch with elusive Facebook specialists. In a moment you will learn how to do it.

facebook contact

Chat with a consultant – only for advertisers

Go to and log in to your business account.

After logging in to your business account on Facebook, click the link: After opening this page, you will be able to use the help for advertisers in a dedicated chat. Scroll down the displayed page, find the help section and click the Chat button on the right side of the screen. You can wait from a few to several minutes for the consultant to appear. When everything loads correctly we will be moved to the conversation window. You will be asked for a brief of your case or you will have to use the initial support in the form of a chat bot. Then you will see the information that a Facebook member has joined the conversation. From now you can solve your problem in a simple and pleasant way.

What happens if you don’t have a business account

Another way to contact FB is to use contact forms that can be used to reach competent people with your inquiry.

The help panel can be found at There you have several options for finding a solution to your problem. Perhaps the official forum or Q&A section will suffice in this particular case.

Another option for contacting Facebook is the help panel available from virtually anywhere on the portal under the question mark icon. Just click it and then select “Report a problem” -> “Something is not working.” This is the way to go if you want to report a technical problem. And there are many on Facebook. After describing and documenting the matter, it remains to wait for a response.

I need a tax residence certificate from Facebook – what now

You do not need to contact Facebook in this matter. You can download the current tax residence certificate for FB directly. This certificate is enough for all necessary official matters that you need to take care of.



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