The iCloud Drive service gives us the ability to access all documents on all our devices. We no longer need to transfer documents using flash drives or by sending items via email. Documents and materials in the application are constantly updated. We can upload, download files, share them, delete them, organize them in folders, rename them and retrieve recently deleted documents on one or other device. The service provides secure file storage in iCloud. To start the service we have to go to and log in using our Apple ID from any web browser.

How to use iCloud Drive on Mac / Windows / iOS


It’s best to keep your device updated to the latest version of macOS.

The iCloud service should be configured on all our devices. To do this, choose Apple Menu -> System Preferences -> Cloud -> Cloud Drive or simply search for iCloud using the search engine.

If you want to add our files to the iCloud service, save them in the Finder in the iCloud Drive department.


The Windows version should be updated to Windows 7 or later. You must download the iCloud application on this computer. Then we need to log in to it, select the iCloud Drive option and click Apply.


This service is available in Settings -> [name] -> iCloud Drive and works the same as in other devices.

How to launch iCloud Drive

After configuring the service on all devices, all of our files that we have allowed to be in iCloud are already there. To access them, open the appropriate application or simply log in to the site.

icloud drive

How to access files

We can access the files using a supported browser by logging in to On a Mac, we can also open iCloud Drive in Finder, and on iOS devices by opening the iCloud Drive application. Windows allows access to files via a previously downloaded application or website as above.

How to access all the features of iCloud

IPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Mac owners can take advantage of the complete set of iCloud features. Just log in to the iCloud service on the Settings screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or to System Preferences on a Mac. This allows you to immediately use all the features of the iCloud service and 5 GB of free disk space. You can also choose additional disk space packages for your device.

How to share files with others

Select document -> Share -> Add people -> To edit / Read -> Hyperlink / Access for selected users

We can choose to make the file available for editing or read-only and choose whether anyone with a hyperlink will have access to it or only selected users.

To wrap-up

The iCloud service is primarily a back end for Apple devices. This application allows smooth access to all our files from any device. The cloud will allow you to store specific files and back them up. The space offered by iCloud provides us with security, access to our documents that are properly protected and absolutely current. A nice option is to share folders with your friends / colleagues in which there are photos / documents, etc.



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