How do I get a passport

If we belong to those tourists who only after buying a trip at a travel agency or making advance payments for a trip they planned, checked the validity of an already invalid passport, we must immediately go to the office. It is possible to obtain a passport in less than a week – it depends on the decision of the head of the office, the number of applications to be processed – the waiting time may be longer in the holiday season. How can you get a passport?

What you need to get a passport

The most important elements to make a passport are:

  • completed application for a passport,
  • one color photo,
  • proof of payment for the passport,
  • valid ID card.

Why you should get a passport

If you have an invalid passport and ID card, or if you do not have a passport at all, and the validity date in our ID is over, we are required to produce the relevant documents as soon as possible.

Many tourists forget to check such key information as the expiry date of the documents. Consequently, they were not allowed into another country, whether by land, water or air, because at the border or at the airport customs did not allow crossing the border. They are not allowed to release such a traveler from the country.

passport requirements

Temporary passport issuing

It may happen that the passport is needed in express mode, e.g. in connection with the funeral of a family member. In this case, you must apply for a temporary passport, which will be issued as soon as possible. It is cheaper than normal, but its validity is much shorter – only 12 months.

A funeral is not the only justification. Other possible situations are:

• someone’s family illness (proof of such an event must be provided),
• an emergency that is related to the applicant’s professional activity, for example a foreign conference (here you also need proof, e.g. an invitation to such training)
• temporary impossibility of taking fingerprints from the applicant,
• the applicant is already abroad but his passport has expired or has been stolen

Receipt of passport

The passport must be picked up in person at the same point where the application was submitted. You should check whether the photo and biometric data (fingerprint) match – use an electronic reader, which is provided by officials.

If you have a previous passport, you must bring it with you so that it can be annulled.

Where do you need a passport? List of directions

Do you dream of great vacation destinations that will welcome you with beautiful weather and holiday atmosphere? You can visit many of them with only an ID card. However, if you are planning a vacation outside the European Union, i.e. in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, Morocco or other exotic destinations, for example, your passport will be an indispensable document that will allow you to enter your chosen country. Depending on your citizenship, this list may vary.

A passport will also be needed if you plan to visit African destinations – Kenya, Tanzania and Gambia require this document. The same will apply to selected Caribbean islands. You definitely need to show the document going to the Dominican Republic, Jamaica or Cuba.


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